What would being sensually you: do for you, get you or give you?


What would being sensually you: contribute as a gift to you? 


From experience being more sensual allows for: 

A deeper connection with your body so greater awareness of personal truth and self empowerment

Intertwining and weaving of energetic connection, chemistry and intimacy, in life and love 

Stronger compatibility with another, instead of conflict 

Emotionally valued both sensually and sexually 

Greater sexual confidence and fulfillment

Raising energy levels, for pristine productivity and crystal clarity 

Expanded creative capacities and inspiration

Increasing intuitive abilities, body sensitivity and receptivity 

Cultivate communion with you and others and live harmonically and synergistically 

Being sensual allows for greater presence 

Live with being in the body, instead of in the head 

Feeling good and listening to the body 

Unstoppable confidence and charisma in who you be and how you show up in and outside the sexual experience 

Exploring your pleasure landscape and freedom to be you 

As a Co - Founder of The Sensuality School me and Michael Ogle Rush hold space for you through 1:1 Offerings (Bespoke Sensual Massage, Single and Couples Coaching and Educational Courses) to empower you with the tools to change your relationship reality, as relates to life, love and legacy, enhance your sensual connection, with yourself and others and establish aliveness in body and intimacy.

Join us at our next upcoming online immersions..


Your Sacred Sensual Space: A Sacred Sensual Self-Love Intimacy Immersive

(Online Zoom Group Facilitation)

Sunday 9th October 2022

7-8.00 pm BST / View Your Time Here:

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