Sovereign Seductress

Judgement ends here and it starts with reclaiming the feminine heart and evoking eros 


What if you could destroy all definitions of Seductress that you’ve bought from anyone from any life time


What if you could slip on that dress, comb back that hair and tint those lips not rushed but ramped up and ready to walk the roads and make jaws drop as you allure everyone you come into contact with.

You could change the world by being you, did you acknowledge this?


Most women desire more in their life but aren’t willing to be the true seductress magnetic woman they know they truly are..


What if you could dissolve all your judgements of yourself and change your points of view to live from the heart, womb and yoni space. Your potent space of power, pleasure and infinite possibility..


Who would you be, how would you show and how much more would you receive by being the sensual, sassy, steamy, seductive goddess you truly be..

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The Seductress is truly misunderstood and still  stigmatized, she is a change maker and powerful, lives by no rules, is a rebel, but many people perceive her as a threat because she’ll activate you, stir things up and won’t tolerate small living. She’s boundless in her being, her body and in her partnerships..


She is a fucking wild gift to the world.. and the people in her life know it. The Seductress who is strong in herself gets what she’s desires, she doesn’t get walked over, nor does she doubt her capacities.


What if you could dissolve all that trauma drama and create the life and creationships you desire with expansion rather than contraction.


What if you could birth the creations that lay dormant in your yoni space into a Yoniverse off exponential joy, abundance, pleasure and happiness..


What if you could end trying all the things to achieve better love, sex and relationships and just choose something different thst actually empowered and sparked your body into orgasmic living all the time..


I wonder how much more energy, space, consciousness, ease and excitement you’d have in your life if you were willing to discover who you are, evoke your eros and channel the seductress..


The Seductress stores the mysteries, magic and miracles of life which you may not off acknowledged yet…


The Online Space 

Sovereign Seductress is an online space for woman who are ready to discover her wild seductress and what the erotic evokes for her ..


  • Return home to your body and open it safely 

  • Ignite influence and inspire yourself to play and live life wildly and free..

  • Reclaim her SEXUALNESS and create more passion in her life 

  • Fully connect to her body and love it without having to fix it or alter it 

  • Heal her wounds with men and appreciate what contribution men can be to her 

  • Heal her wounds with women and trust them to support her as a sisterhood 

  • Awaken your erotic power and unite with your erotic essence 

  • Know how to seduce yourself into living the life you desire and become magnetic to receiving everything you require 

  • Expand pleasure and orgasmic living beyond just sex

  • Reclaim the ancient seductress and all past compensation where she was in power to paid back to you in this lifetime 

  • Reclaim your voice as a woman, rise illuminated in your power and unleash your true mystic feminine into the world 

What you'll receive

1 60 Minute Online Call Per Week 8-9.30 Pm GMT - Every Weds for 6 weeks 

Dates: 27th July, 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st August 

A Private Telegram Group 

Recordings of the calls, clearing loops and seductress embodiment and ritual practices 

Investment £888

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