Sensual Dance

Self-care, self-love and sensuality is not a luxury - it's vital to your well-being and happiness.
Donna Marie Morgana

Are you ready to live happily, wild and free? My sensual tantric dance sessions can help to transform your life. 


Combining ancient yoga practices with tantra dance and my own twists, my erotic dance sessions provide a spiritual and embodied experience to men and women of all ages, taking you on a journey of sexual expowerment, self-fulfillment, joy, pleasure and orgasmic states. 


Each beautiful dancing session will help you to discover your true being, deep below, and provide lots of healing benefits for those who have been involved in trauma or are suffering with stress and anxiety. 


  • Practice self-love and awaken your full potential

  • Find freedom and fulfillment in your relationship with yourself and others

  • Upgrade your life and live without self-judgement and shame 

  • Use various dance forms to reclaim your body, ignite your creativity and be amazed at your own confidence 

  • Feel happy, empowered and unstoppable 

  • Let go of the old and embody the powerful goddess you are 


My 1:1 sessions are designed to delve deeper into who you are, using the power of dance, to build confidence, sexual awareness and creative excellence. With this power, you can then transform your entire life and find fulfillment in every area. 


So if you’re ready to reinvent yourself and want to step outside of your comfort zone to embody who you really are, drop me a message today.


Free 30-minute taster session  

Single 60-minute session- £97

Block of three sessions - £297

Block of six sessions - £497


Sessions are on 1:1 and held on Zoom.