What a surreality...⠀

Before I started this journey I was clearly not as surrendered as I thought I was..⠀

Shadows of shame..⠀

Darkness of oppression..⠀

Not being able to fully let go..⠀

Uncertain of where I was heading..⠀

Wandering in the mist..⠀



I'd find some of myself but not all..⠀

I was heading in all directions::⠀

I felt discomfort and numbness..⠀

Unable to feel free fully..⠀

I felt like I was failing and falling..⠀

I denied myself sexual and sensual pleasure..⠀

I felt no one understood my mind, my body, my intentions..⠀

So I kept a lot in..⠀

But through this journey of deep self-discovery..⠀

Numbness has turned to sparks of joy..⠀

The sparks often erupted into intense pleasure..⠀

No masks..⠀

Finding myself fully at soul level..⠀

Others have come into my life at soul level too..⠀

I'm naked with no restrictions..⠀

No barriers..⠀

You see who I am ..⠀

I can be, just be me

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