I had a Dark Feminine Goddess Initiation last night..

I have been working with the dark goddess and light goddesses for a long time since I started my journey in the erotic and subtle realms but my body was calling for an upgrade in my dark feminine.. to invoke new teachings, gifts and energy to share with others in my work..

I love the taboo, I thrive in the dark and it fulfills my soul to explore and express the unexplored and unexpressed..

If your looking to work in the realms of the divine feminine then you must embody the light and dark aspects..

She has helped me and my clients to break generational beliefs and barriers to freedom, love and pleasure..

She smashes the patriarchal walls we have been forced to buy into through our societies across the globe from lifetimes about how we should and shouldn’t live our lives..

She sets you free from the historical doctrines that have kept you shackled, unaware controlled and limited in your present day living..

She’s a sorceress she cuts through all the lies, judgement's and pains we have taken on, as she delves into the unconscious parts of the psyche cutting through all the shackles, oaths, vows and contracts we store that are stopping your from being free..

She’s ritualistic, it is her potency that she’s uses to uncover the false and fake and restore truth and power into our lives..

To read more about this visit the blog on my website..

Why does this all matter and why should you care?

- They teach you how to work through your lessons and integrate learnings and skills

- They open you up to new expressions, expansive space to create and receive

- They guide you how to work your magic and medicine

- Assist you in the illumination of your shadow self, dissolve the unconscious binds and guide you on your personal path

- To help you come back to who you are and take back your personal power

- Releasing if the old, purification and make space for new beginnings

- Channel your wytch and mysticism to guide others

- Revealing the real you and to fully unleash it

- Moving your sensual energy for healing, and living sensually activated and awakened so you sense, see more and feel more

- She shape-shifts, can support non emotional transitions, where all the hidden and illusions can be destroyed.

- They destroy what is not serving us, through the chaos and you will be shine on your true wild nature

The Goddess’s are perfect to work with if you interested in beauty, s.e.x, intimacy, relationships, shadow work, pleasure landscapes and Sex Magick

We can dive deeper into this work with my 1:1 offerings if you are called to.

I offering initiations, psychic readings, channeled online energy work sessions and 1:1 Sensual Sessions aligned to you.

Just drop me a reply and I'll be in touch.

Love and Liberation

Donna Marie Morgana x

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