How to breathe with Yin Yoga - Article Published in Mo2vate Magazine

So today its out my article for Mo2vate Magazine !

This is the digital copy screen shot of my article about Yin Yoga of which i hope it inspires you to read.

I'm very excited to receive the hard copy very soon!

It was a huge goal for this year to get in the media, I started the year off being on T.V and I've ended the year by being featured in this incredible entrepreneur magazine!

This is the first of many, I have sent many more off with different topics of my expertise.

If your ready to get visible in 2021, send me a PM and lets get you published as the expert you and seen to a larger audience so you can help more people.

Thanks Gander Photography for the incredible photos, you can add this to your publishing and credibility list too.

You can read the full article here:

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