From Trauma to Transformation

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

I am pleased to announce I was on the Saf Buxy Surgery show last night that out to millions of viewers across multiple platforms. It means my story has reached that many people and that's mind blowing.

I share my story to inspire others and help you use your trauma to transform.

My life started pretty traumatically, going through birth trauma and taken away from my mother straight away to be operated on.

I was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome which caused a number of different birth defects. I was born with part missing fingers and a missing big toe.

Having numerous surgeries and hospital visits to get my fingers to actually function was tough and it had a knock on effect later in my teenage and adult life resulting in chronic anxiety, manic depression, panic attacks and several attempts to commit suicide because I couldn’t stand living in my body, I hated it and felt a victim.

Consequently, I fell into some very disastrous situations and destructive relationships because I lacked self worth and went through physical, mental and emotional domestic abuse...

I lost a severe amount of weight through depressive episodes and was near anorexic as well as being a victim of sexual abuse- But now it's different. I " woke up from the dream when I discovered holistic therapy, yoga,tantra and therapeutic photography.

I've been really healing these parts of myself through these tools for the last 8 years..

Discovering these tools have been a blessing and having these traumatic wake up calls got me onto the path of self realization and wanting to desperately change my life, because I deserved more.

My business journey has been my healing journey, that's why I am so passionate about holistic mind body integration, yoga and photography as powerful tools that truly work and transform your life.

I now love the skin i’m in, I love my body, I love my hands and I can look in the mirror and truly smile..

I am now mentoring people through similar emotional challenges in their life and business and creating amazing art with my body and story with Gander Photography"

Thankyou for your support.

You can follow Saf here if you want to share your inspirational story.

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