A conscious relationship is one based on awareness and choice..

Relationships can be rather complex, contractive and challenging..

You may have seen all the books, watched the YouTube videos and even had relationship coaching yourself about how to create the best relationship and how to attract the right person.. but you still feel stuck..

I invite you into a different relationship reality and possibility..

That divine friend is one of infinite choice..

If things feel hard and heavy right now for you, you may want to shake things up a little to create more ease..


Instead of going into conclusion and deciding what’s right for you from what you’ve already learned from previous reference points relationships from partners, parents and friends..

Get into the question and ask your body.

What’s true for me in relationship?

What energies do I want in my life?

Who and what can contribute to me?

Will this person contribute to my life and me to there’s?

Will this person be nurturing and supportive to me and my body?

Is this person willing to fully receive me and am I fully willing to receive them?

Can I be myself and can they be themselves in this?

Does it feel light or heavy?

Your body knows the way.

Oh yes and destroy and uncreate the relationship with yourself daily, your body and all relationships because when you do that you allow yourself to move beyond the past of fixed definitions and points of view that limit you.

When you do this you clear energies and are in allowance to receive for greater because you are in the presence of possibility and not the past.

My friend, if your finding things challenging right now just reach out..

True vulnerability is one of the elements of intimacy.

I’m in service to you and you deserve the best.

Allow me to guide you, support you, nurture you and unleash you.

I work magic with my weird and wonderful energetic and relationship alchemy.

I am miracle worker so I got you.

Donna Marie Morgana

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