Donna Marie Morgana

Copy of drawing fearless empowerment fro

My modelling journey began in 2020, thanks to Julian Knopf at Gander Photography. Today, I’m hugely proud to be a published model with modelling agencies like Your Model Management, Fusion and Elite Models. As well as this, I’m a life drawing model in London and Hertfordshire.


Of course, I love what I do. But, for me, being a model goes much deeper than a few poses…  


As an embodiment artist and life model, I’m a canvas and my body is an ever-evolving work of art. Modelling allows me to express myself, and gives me the opportunity to be my true self in a world without masks. 


Looking for a life drawing class that celebrates the human body? Perhaps you’d like to book me for your life drawing group art class? Or maybe you want to delve deeper into how creative practices and contemporary art can boost the embodied experience? Either way, I’d love to chat and my emails are always open.

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