Session's for men


'intimate Spaces'

Explore your pleasure spectrum and be free to be you sexually in all you be. 

Orgasmic living is the best living....

You are invited into a conscious full bodied arousal adventure of pleasure possibilities to awaken to higher states of ecstasy, bliss, release and orgasm. 

I offer 1:1 Private Sessions for you to prioritize, claim and integrate pleasure in your life. 

Sensual Immersion 

A soothing, soft, gentle and etheric massage that will leave you feeling floaty, full of aliveness, sensually activated and rejuvenated. 


90 Minutes 

Be Wet &Wild 


A wild journey to leave all the stresses, tensions and pressures of life behind and go an an adventure through the senses of taste, sound, touch with full bodied pain and pleasure.

Explore your wild side and experience full body bliss.

2 Hours 


Get Erotic. Get Euphroric

A full energetic erotic body to body massage and energy work, with bodies touch, caressing you and your erogenous areas for enhanced stimulation, release and awakening.

You'll leave feeling erotically enlightened, energetically charged, and sexually liberated. 

3 Hours 


Conscious Kink Play 

A half day bespoke kink experience to open you spiritually, creatively and orgasmically,

This is a gateway to incredible intimacy, self-development, healing, discovery of the mysteries of existence, ecstatic pleasure potential and transcendence. 

3 Hours


Interested in a session or bespoke experience? 

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