The Enigmatic man


As an intimacy photographer, sexualness, body confidence, erotic empowerment and energy trasnformation coach for men, I have supported many just like you. Men who are artistic, creative, holistic, professional and visionary but want to feel more sexually and intimately ignited in being.

Its the men who are struggling to build authentic relationships, connection, depth of relationship and intimacy at the hands of their own self-worth who are ready unleash your greatness, embody orgasmic living and be turned on in all you be. 


I’ve created a specialist programme to guide you through a journey of evolving your masculine and owning yourself in business and the bedroom. 


By exploring this deep into your mind and soul, we can create a new you and a ignited fire that fuels you - someone that has strong convicted self-belief, someone who has a clear identity and someone who is excited to get up every day. This can then be used to evolve and transform every aspect of your life: sex, money, relationships and more. 


Over the course of 3 months, I’ll help you to:


  • Unlock your sexual confidence and explore yourself deeper

  • Find better connections and intimacy to ignite your power

  • Build your true masculine identity 

  • Release any mental, emotional and physical armouring and step away from shame, guilt and hurt

  • Understand how to create and maintain enriching relationships with yourself and others 

  • Master your sexual energy and sexual power while recognizing barriers in your sex life 

  • Discover and refine your boundaries while stepping into new territories and experiencing new levels of joy and pleasure 

  • Explore your erotic repertoire and orgasm as a couple or for yourself 

  • Understand what being a man authentically means for you and be it


Wondering how I do this? Each programme focuses on sexualness, self image and pleasure mastery. Together, we’ll discover what’s holding you back and who exactly you are behind the layers of pain, shame and guilt which is an attractive, desirable, characteristic, enigmatic man. 


I’ll show you exactly how to love yourself, and be the person you deserve to be, long-term. Only then will you be able to achieve your goals in all areas of your life.


So if you’re looking for a erotic empowerment and wholeness coach and are ready to grab life with both hands, and truly start living, drop me a message today. Alternatively, you can find out more about the online course below. You can also watch some testimonials from my incredible clients.