feminine Erotic Initiation


 Ladies, start living your true life today…

Do you want to discover yourself on a deeper and more intimate level? Perhaps you want to transform your life, influence, business, money and relationships? 


I have just the thing. 


For many years, I’ve supported women of all ages - and at all stages in their lives including married women, women in transition and women in business - as they journey along a path of self-discovery and feminine embodiment.  


I guide them into the depth of her own body to find her own answers..and make her own empowered decisions without fear and with trust and surrender 


I work with her and hold the space for her to fully embrace, express and indulge herself in her power fully so she can show up un-apologetically with the goddess she is


As her trusted advisor I hold her hand for her to reclaim her true identity as an embodied women so she can create empowered habits for lifestyle and relationship ascension and align her with her highest self as she loves herself and her body deeper than she ever has 


She will undergo an initiation of deep feminine self discovery and re-wilding of her wild true nature where she will celebrate an abundance of thriving relationships, her manifestations come true and she consistently continues to transform and up-level her outer world.


I guide her to show up boundless, unstoppable and sovereign AF in all her feminine grace and glory where she is clear on exactly what she wants in sex, life, love and leadership and achieves it. 


The feminine activation's I journey her through divine feminine alchemy allows her to receive multidimensional potential as she fly's her wings into expansion as a strong feminine.


She will discover new parts of herself, unlock her esoteric gifts, embody new sensations of bliss and pleasure and in her sexuality, sensuality and spirituality in the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and erotic body on all levels, languages and lifetimes. 


As she sheds her past, pain and what no longer serves her she actualizes her worth and in feminine leadership - Woman. The embodied woman is then able to let the body lead her and therefore feel her way forward to success and fulfilling wholeness.


She gets to bathe in the love and sensual aliveness that is the pleasure portal of her own body as she utilizes it as a map of orgasmic creation and a magnetic field to attract her desires to her with ease, peace and grace. 


She embodies belief in her knowing, intuition and attain’s alignment, balance and deeper understanding of her full range of sovereignty and authentic beauty as both feminine and masculine beings and knows how to exactly cultivate that energy when required in all aspects of life. 


I do this through a combination of experiential deep dive erotic life coaching, energy clearing and photography.

Together, we’ll discover what works for you and how you can keep your body alive, while discovering exactly who you are. Only then, can you really start to live life outside of the business and bedroom too… 


So if you’re looking for a feminine and erotic embodiment and empowerment coach who can guide you along a journey of reclaiming your power, speaking your truth and living apologetically in all your grace and glory, or want to drop deeper into your own sexuality and discover how you can really start loving you and others around you, drop me a message.