Evoking eros 

 Ladies, start living your true life today…

Do you want to discover yourself on a deeper and more intimate level? Perhaps you want to transform your life, business, money and relationships? 


I have just the thing. 


For many years, I’ve supported women of all ages - and at all stages in their lives including married women, women in transition and women in business - as they journey along a path of self-discovery and sexual freedom. 


My role as an intimacy coach and erotic coach goes much further than sex therapy though. You see, I believe that awakening your true female sexuality and getting to know what you and your body needs through a journey of self-inquiry and self-exploration will allow you to go on and achieve anything that you want to


I’ve even created a four-month programme that’s focused purely on sexual liberation for women. During these coaching sessions, you’ll: 


  • Delve into your sensual and sexual awakening to grab life with both hands

  • Harness your power and female sexuality to identify challenges and solutions for them 

  • Build empowering relationships with yourself and learn how to attract the right partner 

  • Recognise sexual issues and limits, and use them to create a personal sexual revolution 

  • Increase your self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and confidence


I do this through a combination of experiential sex coaching, erotic dance, tantric polarity coaching, pranayama and breath work. Together, we’ll discover what works for you and how you can keep your body alive, while discovering exactly who you are. Only then, can you really start to live life outside of the bedroom too… 


So if you’re looking for a erotic empowerment and wholeness coach who can guide you along a journey of embodiment, or want to drop deeper into your own sexuality and discover how you can really start loving you and others around you, drop me a message. Alternatively, you can find out more about the programme below. 














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