About Me

Welcome to my space. 


My name is Donna Marie and guide couples and single leaders to reclaim depth of intimacy, connection, erotic wholeness and freedom as a leader and lover.

I am journey into the realms of body positivity, the erotic, wild power, sensuality, authentic relating and photography with a strong focus feminine and masculine empowerment. I’m also nude life model and artist in London and Hertfordshire. 


Want to know how I got into it? 


You see, I believe that our sexuality is the true pathway to living a happy, joyful and pleasurable life. And I’m determined to help everyone to harness their own sexual power to achieve unstoppable levels of greatness. 


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do you lack confidence in your day-to-day life or regularly suffer with imposter syndrome or over giving?

  • Are you struggling to make deep connections with anyone you meet - both in personal, business and leadership? 

  • Has your intimate side taken a back seat and you no longer feel empowered femininely or masculinly? 

  • Are you too in your head, you've been in toxic relationships and your ready for depth, fulfilling and relationshops that ignite passion, purpose and power?


If you answered yes to any of the above, I can help. And let me tell you, my role goes much deeper than just looking at your sex life. 


Success in life begins with the relationship we have with ourselves, if we feel comfortable about our body, what desires we have and what our needs are, as well as how we choose to live our life. Are you stuck tending to old wounds or do you step up and rid yourself of any shame? 


As an intimacy coach and body image coach, I guide and support men and women through a journey of self-discovery and help you to: 


  • Address taboo desires and awaken them

  • Stimulate your senses without fear

  • Arouse your body, with no shame

  • Harness your own strength and willpower 

  • Use trauma to transform your existence

  • Attract the ideal partner and relationships 

  • Break free from any body confidence issues or limiting beliefs


By doing this, I can help you to live a life that’s pleasurable, purposeful and profitable in every aspect: business, sex, money, relationships and even your goals. 


I say this, because I’ve done it myself. My past pains have been my biggest assets and I have evolved from traumas and created greatness as an sensual artist, therapist and dating and relationship coach.


So, if you’re looking for sensual life coach training, why not join me to ignite your self-belief and kickstart your self-discovery? I promise, you won’t look back.