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Welcome to my space. 


My name is Donna Marie. I guide those who are ready to discover and deep dive into their erotic landscape with my body process S.E.X-Erotic.

It started here..

The Divine Feminine - 2021
From Re-calibration to Reclaimed..

The years of 2020-2022 have been immense in the realms of erotic discovery and feminine awakening. 

I had previously done all the mindset work..
And I am still seeing the changes occur from that in all areas of my life..
However most of this years magick has come from my womb.. The Yoniverse and evoking the divine feminine..
As well as guiding men and couples into their bodies to discover more and experience more in the realms of divine masculine, divine feminine and their pleasure landscape. 

From delving deep into my own body with Tantric practices including bdsm I have been able to heal my sexual body, uncover my erotic power and ramp up my sexual fire.
What I discovered was the powerful feminine archetypes that was lying dormant within me..
My erotic powers, turn on's and the sexual strength these archetypes provide for creation.  

It’s been a metamorphosis of change from what was a very shut down repressed body to a energetically charged and open portal of consistent activated pleasure.

I’ve been to the depths of myself on an intimate level and unlocked vast amounts of feminine awareness..
But I had to take an honest look at myself, face my sexual truth, heal my witch wounds, sexual trauma and de-armour my body so I could experience the beauty and power underneath waiting to be expressed. 
I've had to learn to trust men after dissolving deep patriarchal conditioning and teach my body trust, safety and conscious boundary awareness. 

I’ve reclaimed my sovereignty, evolved my esoteric gifts and feminine power including myself sexually..
Weeped and weeped as I found me again and shed shame. 
I found new profound pleasures that liberated me and evolved my potential.

This work is not for the faint hearted..
It’s for those who are ready to reclaim and come back home to their bodies and claim their divinely righteous pleasure and wild nature. 
I embodied my wild women and returned to natural states of living in my divine feminine.. as was able to discover my gifts as a an intimacy and erotic guide for others. 
Most people don’t journey here at all..and miss huge opportunity to thrive and experience ecstasy.

Activating and embracing your erotic power I believe is the medicine we all crave but haven't found. Its transform your karmic suffering to peace, transcends trauma to freedom and currency and elevates your awakening to personal evolution. 

If your looking to activate, experience more of you and embrace your erotic nature, book a call HERE.


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